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Preview the app features, take a look around. We are constantly updating the app screens, adding new pirate themed events, destinations and of course each day is a NEW account of piracy, pillage and plunder.


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A Pirate's Book of Days is Easy To Navigate

A Pirate's Book of Days Is Continually Updated

A Pirate's Book of Days is easy to navigate. Starting with the Main Screens use the drop down MENU to explore all the features.

You can choose what you see each day by setting your preferences.

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What A Pirate's Book of Days is About

How To Use A Pirate's Book of Days App

These screens tell why we created the app, what is inside the app you will want to see. Once you download the app, like every member of a pirate crew, you have a say in what happens next.

Sign up for notices, alerts, merchandise offers and email... or don't. We'd never force a shipmate once they are part of the crew and have made their mark. There's plenty of interesting features to navigate, and nothing to run afoul of. #pirates #piracy #app

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Connect With Other Pirates using the Festivals and Events Directory. Find Pirate History Tours.

Find Hundreds of Festivals, Events & Daily Tours

We like to say Pirates are calling out to us from across history. If you understand this, you will also want to connect with others who are leading the pirate life. Using the MAIN MENU you can open the FESTIVALS, EVENTS & TOURS  tab for continually updated listings of events. Click on an event, and see details,  links for more information including a map  of the event location to help you decide or plan on attending. Post your own picture from an event.   Find other attractions an experiences, too.

Take a Pirate Sailing Cruise. Use our new pirate themed global cruise directory to find a sailing adventure. This feature is new in 2019. 

We have 53 Pirate Sailing Tours Listed in Europe, Canada, the US, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands. 

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Always Updated with new content, daily stories of piracy, pillage & Plunder


We Send You Daily Stories About Real Pirates

The Golden Age of Piracy was romanticized and immortalized during The Golden Age of Illustration. Magazines, books and newspapers were mass media and to capture readers publishers tapped into the drama and romance of piracy. You will recognize many of these images because they've appeared in books ever since. Open the Galleries, scroll through the pirate images, ENJOY!

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Calling All Pirates, Buccaneers, Filibusters & Corsairs

See the images of pirate flags used to terrorize victims with some facts about each pirate. Enjoy scrolling through reproductions of original engravings, drawings and paintings of notorious and infamous villains from their own era.  #pirates #piracy #pyrate

These galleries will be regularly updated with new pirates, new images and new information ! #app #appstore #pirates


Experience Interactive Historical Tours, See Pirate Artifacts and Treasure, Learn About Our Maritime Past in one of the 43 World Wide Points of Interest

Use the world wide map to find a museum with exhibits or programs featuring pirates, treasure, archaeological discoveries and Maritime history. scroll through the screen to the global location and tap the screen to move in closer. The App will tell you how far away from you the point of interest is and can even provide directions. The links with each listing take you to their websites and information, assuring you updated  hours, times and fees.

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Piratepedia is filled with information, images and entertaining details about Pirates

Do you want to add a little bit of salty pirate lingo to your everyday routine. Check out the GLOSSARY. We could fill a whole app with just this info. YOU can comment and add to the glossary and we will be adding more terms on a regular basis but there are 40 of our favorites now. What are yours? Download the app and tell us! 

Curious about what old maps and documents looked like? See some here in the app. 

We have added a special section to conne ct you with Under The Crossbones a pirate podcast.inside the app!

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Ships, Boats and Books

There are thousands of books about pirates. We will continue to add new books for you to look for, and are creating a pirate's own book store soon.

Pirates were daring. They seized any opportunity to live their short but happy life. Whether through mutiny on a merchant ship or in a skiff or a dugout canoe, any boat would do. Get details about some common boats and ships used by pirates. Get the app. Discover more ways to enjoy history. #history #pirates #piracy #app

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A Pirate's Book of Days App Details

Art and Images, Our Own Goods

If you haven't downloaded the app by now to start using the other features, check out the almost 200 famous images of pirates and piracy. When we know who the artist was, where the image first appeared or a publication you may be able to find online with images of pirates that are famous and familiar.  #pirates #piracy #pyrates

Also in Piratepedia we'll be uploading our own designs and images for you to enjoy with pirate slang, sayings and sometimes a modern twist.